Implementation + 1 – up and running

So now we are up and running.  Implementation is under way.  We’re sending out letters.  We’re making phone calls.  We’re planning trainings.  We’re meeting with Pastors and Bishops.

But there’s a danger here.  Meetings and letters and classes and plans are all good, all necessary – they even can be holy.  But our fundamental orientation must always be to invite people back to the Lord.

My good friend, Father Jim Rafferty, who was for eighteen years the Pastor of Saint Paul’s in Hingham (and recently “transitioned to Senior Priest Status” – he doesn’t like to say “retired”) – he often says, “Evangelization happens in four steps:  Pray.  Listen.  Witness.  Invite.”

So, for all of you out there who are routing for the Pastoral Plan, let’s make a commitment.

Let’s all commit to praying for someone who needs to find the Lord again.  Let’s choose  a specific person, and, as the opening days of the implementation ofDisciples in Mission unfold, let’s pray for that person.

Then we’ll figure out what comes next.

Check out Cardinal Sean’s web chat on, which took place at 1:00 this afternoon.  And here are some good pictures to go with it.

I’ll put up just a couple of them here:


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