Cardinal Seán approves Disciples in Mission

So, today Cardinal Seán accepted Disciples in Mission as the Pastoral Plan for the Archdiocese of Boston.  It is a day of great joy for all of us, and for me personally.

The Cardinal, and Bishop Elect Deeley, have appointed me as the Director of the Office of Pastoral Planning.

Since this is a full time position, it will mean leaving my Parish of Saint Albert the Great in Weymouth.  This is sad for me – it’s a great Parish, and has been very good to me and for me.  It prides itself on being creative about evangelization – on being welcoming – on being energized, and I have found that that pride is well placed.  It is a good Parish, and will be a good partner in its Collaborative when the moment comes.

It’s hard to move, but the promise of obedience shapes the life of a priest.  It is his heart and his soul.  It gives his life structure, and allows him to have a “holy indifference” to the circumstances of his life.  Although I am sad to leave Saint Albert’s, my heart leapt with joy at the Cardinal’s call.  What complex creatures we are, to at one and the same time to be able to be sorrowful and joyful about the same event!

It was great seeing so many of the members of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Planning Commission at today’s event.  We spent two wonderful years together, working our way through the drafts and the consultations.  To see a list of the commissioners, click here.

So, now it’s time for implementation.

Next week, all of the Parishes in the Archdiocese will get a letter.  That letter will say either, “Here is what we understand your collaborative to be – please confirm,” or “We need more time to work on your collaborative – thanks for your patience.”  For those who are in settled collaboratives, the letter will also say, “Please tell us about your readiness – would you like to be considered for Phase One?”

Based on the responses to those letters, we will begin to develop the list of the Phase One Collaboratives – about a dozen, which is about ten percent of the total.  We will work with the Pastors in the development of that list.  We will announce the Phase One Collaboratives in January.

Much more on this as we go along.  Before finishing, though, I wanted to show you our new logo:

Also, I wanted to post a few pictures from today’s press conference:


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